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Hey Guys, currently I have a 3gb 590gtx watercooled in my system

I am looking at an upgrade, I was looking at a 690 for me to upgrade to but I was also considering two 670's in SLI.

Which would be better value and performance?

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  1. I wouldn't bother, the 590 is easily enough for everything. Its even watercooled so upgrading it will require buying a $100 block on top of it, so that's additional expense.
  2. Your GTX 590 is enough. Get a better Next-Gen card next year.
    Maybe wait for Radeon 8970 or GTX 790. You'll have to wait until Q3, because all the major cards will be released by then.
  3. Ok thanks guys,
    Another question about my gpu and settings.
    I run it to my 50" full HD 3d tv via dvi to hdmi adapter. But when setting th screen resolution to 1080p the desktop goes out of the parameters of the tv it is like the resolution is too big for the screen. THis is making me have to create my own custom resolution to make it fit.
    But the odd thing is when I enable 3d via nvidia control panel. The 108p 3D resolution fits in the screen perfectly....
  4. Try adjusting your over/underscan settings, that's usually what causes these issues. Should be somewhere in Nvidia Control Panel.
  5. just dvi port and set the resolution in recommended setting u will fine
  6. Notsure my tv has a dvi port on it mate. Will check when I get home for the under/overscan also
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