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Hey tom's community,

I'm looking to upgrade my desktop with just a few parts, specifically the GPU, CPU, MOBO, and RAM and to do it with around $400. I've come up with these parts:
Asus M5A97-
AMD FX-4100 Zambezi-
GSkill 8gb (2x4gb) RAM-
Asus HD7770 2gb GPU-

Let me know what you guys think. E.g. will it work, is that the most cost effective option, etc.? I'm mainly looking to be able to handle some gaming on a 37" flatscreen and also do some streaming.
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    fix some parts :
    cpu 4100 is old zambezi, get 4300 vishera architecture instead :)
    and 7770 2gb is a waste, get normal 1GB version instead. only 7850 can utilize 2gb memory
  2. Awesome, thanks Radeon. I'll switch to the 7850 since its only $50 more.
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  4. wabbit_season said:
    Awesome, thanks Radeon. I'll switch to the 7850 since its only $50 more.

    Hi. For over $200 you might as well skip the HD 7850 2GB and get the HD 7870 or GTX 660 instead.
  5. ^ make sure you pick the cheapest 7850 2GB or go with cheapest 7870 :)
  6. Or what AMD Radeon said.
  7. +1 to radeons upgrades saweet.
  8. good :) i see the feedback on newegg is 5/5 stars
  9. newegg reviews= government lies but yeah, the card looks good. to me newegg reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt and merit nothing. but atleast when u know theres alot of positive things going for a product be more persuated to buy it thinking there less known issues.
  10. ^ LOL couldnt agree more

    why so serious?
  11. why should they be taken with a grain of salt? im just curious, i also take them with a grain of salt.
  12. The 4100 is good but old The 4300 is better and more money Just for **** and Giggles have you consider a 5800 trinity and add a cpu later for crossfire? the 7850 seems a bit high on price but as I said for **** and giggles?
  13. not sure what you're getting at with having a 5800 and then saying to add another cpu later.
  14. nevermind, i just realized that trinity is an bad. i stand corrected.
  15. because im the joker ya see why so zerious? i only see clowns n balloons -_-
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