My pc won't detect ATI driver after i installed it using AMD Catalyst install ma


i just formatted my OS and im using my laptop for gaming. Games need the driver so i decided to download and install it.

My graphic card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730. At first, i thoght the driver is already been installed but not. I went to Device Manager and look at display adapter, it still Standard VGA Adapter which is the default standard windows driver. I tried reinstalling them and there is no luck. Restarting pc after installing them doesnt give a chance. Googling them, and people who have this problem, they install a clean windows which i dont want to do it again.

I need to know the solution of this immediately because im selling this to someone. Please! Help me!!
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  1. Try installing drivers from the laptop manufacturer's website. I've had issues in the past with both Nvidia and ATI/AMD mobile GPUs where their driver did not support specific Laptop maker's hardware.
  2. also before you try installing the gpu drivers make sure you install the mb chipset drivers first. a lot of the time it can be a missing mb chipset driver that wont let you install a video or sound driver.
  3. also some video drivers require .NET 2.0 or higher
  4. As said above a lot of laptops will not work with the default drivers from AMD so you would need to get them from your laptop manufacture. Laptop GPU's are more customized than dedicated GPU's so that is why AMD's drivers may not work on your particular laptop.
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