500$ to buy whatever GPU you want. What would you get?

Hello everyone!

Lets say you were given a $500 gift card to Amazon and you were willing to spend about 50$ of your own money to get the best single GPU card you could get. That is the situation I am in. (It's a good situation) :lol: What would you get and why?

I am replacing a 5870 Crossfire (MSI Lightning versions) setup. I want to go to a single card with enough VRAM to mod Skyrim into "Oblivion". (Pun intended) I also run Eyefinity in some games with my current settup. I want to avoid Crossfire and SLI setups due to issues I had with Skyrim and Crossfire. ENBs tend to dislike multi GPU setups as does the game itself.

Here are the two I was looking at. Feel free to make other suggestions as well:

Sapphire Radeon Vapor-X HD 7970 GHZ OC 6GB DDR5:


Thanks everyone!

EDIT: Additional info/PC specs

ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68
Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz
16 GB DDR3
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  1. get the 7970. I have that card and I was able to play Skyrim with all the high texture, emb lightning mods. For skyrim mods visit skyrimnexus.com they have a very nice management tool that will keep track of your mods for that game, it lets you browse wihtin the manager for new mods and individually enable/disable them if your game is crashing for some reason

    make sure to overclock your cpu to get the most out of that 7970 goodness :D
  2. Thanks Alvine. That's what I was leaning towards as well. How you you judge the noise of that card?

    I'm very familiar with Nexus. Long time premium member there. Best place for TES mods.
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