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I have a Sapphire Radeon 6950 no more than six months old. Recently I have had some strange fan noises. They are not all the time but from time to time. When I shut down and wait before rebooting the fan noise becomes normal again. I don't know if it is the video card. I did air dust my computer as I normally do from time to time. I have my video card over clocked using Trixx utility. The clock speeds are GPU: 850 Mhz and Memory: 1300 Mhz. I think I am going to undo the overclocking. It is the OC edition card so it came at 820 mhz and 1250 mhz.

So the main problem is now when I boot in the morning I have video until the desktop appears and for maybe a few more seconds after. Then the screen goes black and "no signal" appears. I tried to unplug the HDMI cable with the HD TV off and then plug it back in and turn the TV back on. That does not work. Because it is Win 7 I cannot do a Ctrl+Alt+Del twice and restart since it brings up that "interface" Since I don't know what it is exactly called. So I hold the power button, turn off unsafely and wait to start up again 20 seconds or so.

At that point the video stays on just fine. Today makes the third time this has happened. I hope my card isn't going bad. Should I contact Sapphire and see about the warranty? Or is there a bug with the new AMD driver? Something else?

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  1. Are you able to boot into safe mode?
  2. sounds like you have issues with drivers, as said above boot in safe mode with networking, uinstall ati catalyst in windows, restart, instal the newest drivers
  3. Well have you been installing new drivers lately? It sounds like Windows is trying to use the onboard card as the primary card. Check your settings in the Display Dialog.
    The weird fan noise doesn't sound good. Maybe you should undo the OC until you have identified the problem.
  4. I am sorry I forgot to mention this. When I said I have no video and shut down then wait twenty seconds and restart. The video stays working fine after that.

    The issue seems to be when I cold boot in the morning.
  5. Well that is weird. But check if windows think you have to monitors running. Have you disabled the onboard cardin the BIOS?
  6. sounds lke your resolution is too high, easy fix
    reboot and press f8 untill you see boot options
    select enable low resolution mode
    it will set resolution to 640 x 480 log in and change the resolution to the correct one. and reboot to save settings in the registry.
  7. Yes onboard Graphics are disabled. Windows detects only one display. The new ATI driver was installed somewhat recently. I can't remember when exactly. All I know is the weird fan noise that started a week or so ago. Then the video problems. The weird fan noise happens after the video goes out.

    edit: but the fan noise is not only when the video goes out. sometimes happens if I move my pc to look in at the motherboard temps through the window, or just sometmes out of the blue. But no video problems happen when the fan noise is there on these events
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