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Ok, I bought a Netgear SB-104 network starter kit... I got the networking fine, both computers have full access to each other, after i assign the computers static ips with a subnet of and ips 192.168.1.x range, but i run into trouble when i try to share my main computers DSL connection. When I activate Internet Connection Sharing on the host, and restart, the network goes down... I have the settings on the client computer so that it gets an ip assigned, but that never works.. is there a way to manually set up ICS, and not use DHCP?
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  1. I dont know crap about home networking but I got the linksys 4 port router and it was very easy to setup. I had to call tech support once (24/7 and free) and they hit it right on the money I had a setting wrong that comcast didnt recognize. Now home network is working great and all share my cable connection :)

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  2. or can I get outside software that will do internet connection sharing for me?
  3. if you are using microsoft internet connection sharing you cannot use static ip addresses. the pc running ICS is acting as a dynamic host and needs to assign the clients ip's. If you are using a hardware-based sharing solution like a router you can use static ips. change the clients to obtain an ip address automatically and you should be ok....

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  4. I'm having trouble with ICS right now. I purchased 2 Netgear PA301's for home phoneline networking (Yes, I could have gone ethernet, but I'm using the wire and hub elsewhere). I've never used ICS before, and I'm not exactly the guy on top of the show when it comes to networking. I've got both computers talking to each other... file/print sharing works perfectly fine. When I try to share the cable internet connection to the client computer.... I get nada. The adapters are properly installed with up to date drivers, the necessary protocols are installed and configured properly, but the client computer just does not seem to be able to connect to the internet. "Share your internet connection in minutes" my ass....

    Are there certain configuration settings that I may have missed that would be stifling ICS? The firewall doesn't seem to be blocking the client, and I just don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

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