Help with GPU decision! Need answer soon! Ordering today

Hi everyone, I need help choosing between MSI GTX 680 lightning edition with clock of about 1110 or lower clock version of same gpu about 1010 but comes with 2 games. I am leaning toward the one with 2 games. My question is with the lower clocked version does it not come with a application to just boost clock speed anyways? making higher clock card pointless?
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  1. Get the one with 2 games... YOu can still overclock it yourself.
  2. +1 to deathengine's suggestion
  3. ok thanks, how do you OC yourself does it come with program? I'm new to building PCs and OCing
  4. it depends on your motherboard if it supports overclocking features than u dont need to install any kind of software
    tell which is ur motherboard
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