Is this a good PC build ?

Processor :

Graphics Card :

Power Supply :

Hard Drive :

Solid State Drive : (This Drive is only for Fast booting up and Shutting down and Fast start up of Some Programs)

Motherboard :


DVD Drive :

Monitor : I have an old monitor, and I want to continue using it only. It is an LG Studio works 563N Monitor.

CPU Case : I have an old CPU case with a 350 Watt PSU installed. I will use he same case but replace the power supply. I am taking the above power supply because it is same as the one which is installed currently.

Key board and Mouse: I have it from before. I will continue using it only.
Headphone, Speakers, and Internet : I have it from before. I will continue using it only.

As I was in a budget (my budget is Rs. 40,000), I had taken 7750 graphics card.

So, Please suggest if it is a good build. I haven't made yet.
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  1. My 2 cents:
    - Your i5 is not a K, and the Radeon 7750 is very good at saving power... Do you really need a 650W power supply? I would put an 80+ 400W power supply with a single low-noise fan, saving money and reducing noise. I wouldn't worry about compatibility, PSUs always fit as long as they're standard ATX.
    - ...and I would re-invest the money I saved in a better SSD. I "saved" an old laptop with an IDE interface using a Kingspec like the one you linked, and their performance is fine as far as crappy old laptops are concerned, but I would never put one of those in a new build. Sequential writes are terrible (way below IDE's bottleneck in my case). Random operations are in the sub-10.000 IOPS range, modern SSDs hit 50.000 with no effort. OCZ is discounting its Octane series heavily in these days; i'd hit that or a Sandisk extreme. If you can't afford even one of those, I would rule out the SSD option altogether.
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