Laptop to hdmi quality not coming through great

Hello all have a bit of an issue ive been trying to solve for almost a month now decided its time to ask for help.

PC is a Dell Inspiron 17r SE 7720 i7 proc, 8gig of ram Nvidia 650m. HDTV is a Sony Bravia EX 4|40.

I connect my laptop over HDMI and for all intensive purposes everything comes up great. The desktop is clear and easy to read, there is a little pixelation but its hardly noticable. Movies play fine also. Issue im running into is when i load up one of my MMO's. Example are Rift, Guild Wars 2 and the Secret world same happens in them all. For the most part the picture quality is fine whats happening is the text. All the writing weather it be chat or the system menus is completly unreadable. They are so pixelated you can't even read them. Now to contrast this i also have a couple of the Lego games like Batman 2, Lord of the rings and Harry Potter when i open those games they show up fine, the writing is easily readable everything is fine.

The only thing i can possible think of is that the font size of the writing in the mmos is the issue but i can not figure out a way to have the font size show larger and for it to make it so i can read it on the HDTV without messing up the look on my laptop.

Also im using duplicate display, but have tried it on Projector only and extended display to no change. Ive also tried rolling back video drivers and am using the current drivers for nvidia off dells website.

Any help would be greatly appreciatiated.
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  1. your issue is not in the drivers but how the game is programmed to display that area. not alot you can do about it the devs at the time never imagined playing the game at 1080p on a big HDTV so the code is not there to translate that stuff to better pixel densities.
  2. I was thinking the same as the above post, I was recently reading about Steam Big Picture which allows you to play Steam games on big screens, I was thinking, isn't this already possible by merely connecting the PC to the HDTV? But the problem lies in the programming, in that the font is not meant to be displayed at higher screen sizes, and thus, Big Picture compatible games are meant to display properly on big screen TV's (and games not made to specifically operate this way will not be able to).
  3. ok thanks for the quick replies.
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