HD7870, Can I run it and should I run it

Hiya, After having to send a faulty 7850 back for a refund I am now shopping around for another upgrade to my aging 5750 I have found a Saphire HD7870 on for £160 which I consider to be a fairly good deal - However I am not sure whether I can power it and a 2500k with a 530W Thermaltake PSU. This also raises the question - Should I purchase it with the 8000 series supposedly on the corner. Am I likely to find a 8000 series GPU which it better than the 7000 series I am looking at within my price range (<£160) in the next couple of months?
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  1. You are pushing it with that power supply. I would recommend overclocking your CPU and upgrading to a better PSU.
  2. I'm not really to fussed about overclocking the CPU at this time. The upgrade from a 5750 should be more than enough to keep me satisfied.
  3. May I ask what was wrong with the 7850 card First.
    You may just get away with using the 530W power supply with the 7870 card.
    Did the 7850 simply not work in the system when you plugged it in, if so it may be the indicator that you need a bigger power supply.
  4. My thoughts - Dodgey RAM as the temps where fine. I have two test beds one with a significantly more powerful PSU that I chucked it in to be sure but it didn't work in that either.
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