The infamous black screen + sound loop, with a twist

Hello boys and girls, I desperately need your help. So I've had a good ol' fashion google around and I haven't really found anything that can help me out
Here's the story
I built my PC about 6-8 months back and for the past 7 months it's been all fine and dandy, no problems at all. About a month back it black screened and gave me some lovely sound stuttering/looping, forcing me to do a hard restart on it. I don't get any error messages or anything, as if it never even happened. This started out on video games and became more and more common until I got 5 minutes in before it happened. Eventually, it just happened whatever the hell I was doing on my PC.
I updated all my drivers, did a windows memory check, checked heat, checked PSU.
All good, no problems. So I "upgraded" to the dreaded windows 8. I didn't get the dreaded error for the next week - magic, eh? I thought the problem was solved until yesterday when it started again, and became more common today when I tried to game.
I suspect if I went back to Windows 7 it would be solved, albeit temporarily.

So, lads and ladies, any ideas?
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