Help with case & motherboard!

Hi ! I'm just an ordinary n00b that needs a Little help...
im gonna build a rig by my self, I've found the components and all, except the case, fans and PSU, and i therefore could help me a little... Thanks

I need a case that supports all the features of the P8z77-v premium and space enough for future-proofing with The 4-way SLI, and not get that overheated. I'm only gonna upgrade to SLI-mode in about a year(2-way. Then later on 3/4-way). I don't know anything about cooling, and I'm not comfortable with the fact that there's water in my case so i'll stick with fans.

Intel core i7-3770k
Asus P8z77-v premium
Asus gtx 680 dcII 4GB(Not top)
And 32 gb of 1600 ram
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  1. DVD-R/W etc. Doesn't matter right now. Still need that PSU :/
  2. Seasonic X-850W is top of the range and on sale now for only $179
  3. You want a full case such as the Corsair 650D. Its a colossal case but will suit your needs

    Or you can go for the HAF X -

    Or the 600t (comes in black and white) -
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