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I am looking to upgrade my current gpu a 6670 to a 7770. I am also looking into othe gpus such as the 7870 and 7970 but they need an upgraded psu which I am willing to do, is the upgrade worth changing a psu for it or shall I stick with the 7770 since the psu won't need to be upgraded. And also what is the max size gpu that can fit in the xps 8300? Thanks for the help in advance. Luke.
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  1. For the card, it really depends at what resolution you're playing and what games?

    For the size, I doubt that you will find the maximum length of a card you can fit in your system in the vendor specs. These Dell systems are not meant to be upgraded (even though a lot of people are doing it). Best way to find out is to open the case and use a measuring tape and see how much space you really got.
  2. I am not sure about the requirements for a 7970, but I do know that a 7870 will work standard on the computer. I myself hvae an xps 8500 with a visiontek radeon 6970, it is a non reference, so it only have 2 6 pin connectors instead on a 6 and an 8. I highly recommend this gpu.
  3. I have 2 1920x1080 monitors I play most cods excepts black ops 2 because my current gpu is annoying me. I play minecraft too with very demanding mods like the shaders ones. My minecraft used to run at about 300-400 fps but now is only at 120. If you want to know the current specs here they are.
    Dell xps 8300.
    16gb ram
    I5 2320
    6670 hd radeon (upgrading soon)
    Anything else just ask
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