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Hey, I used to have 2 XFX Radeon HD 5870s, it was pretty much reference besides it had a somewhat larger fan in the middle of the card. One of my cards died and now I have one. For some reason(I'm guessing that the load was split between the cards) and they barely ever heated up at all, so the noise was pretty much normal, the fan never changed speeds unless I was benchmarking, and the default speed was nice and silent, so I was happy.

But now, with one card it seems to get a LOT louder in games, the fan speed increases in noise about 3 times... this is very annoying for me. I want to upgrade my card, and get a cooler on it that is silent, preferably the most silent cooler. I am not looking for water cooling/hybrid liquid cooling. I'd like the card to be red/black. Can anyone suggest me a graphics card with that kind of cooler in the 7950/7970 range?

EDIT: I am also okay with nVidia
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  1. The MSI coolers are quite silent, the gigabyte's one will give u alil bit lower temp's, as for the noise, maybe you are right and your card didn't reach its maximum load before, that's why you didn't notice the noise....

    If u insist on Red/black, asus is your choice, but know nothing about the fan's noise or temps....
  2. ^+1
    ASUS, MSI or Gigabyte is the way to go.
    I'd say get an ASUS GTX 660 Ti or 670 as it has a red/black colour scheme and offers very good performance.
    And yes, your loud 5870 fan will be down to there only being 1 card.
  3. the 5870 might be unnecessarily loud it there is lots of dust in the heatsink blocking the airflow...
  4. +1 cyco and Kari, get the ASUS.
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