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Hello I have a Zotac gtx 570 that I recently received as a present. Just today the price of it drop from $249.99 to $199.99. I am thinking about buying another one to sli. Under full load, the card can get loud. My question is that if I do buy another one to sli, would it be twice as loud? Or would it be the same or less noisy because it is sharing the work load with the slave card? Sry I'm a noob and not really tech-savvy, thanks for your time.
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  1. well in theory if both are in SLI the charge should be less on each, wich means lower temps resulting in lower fan work= less noise that would be nice, sadly isn't quite true, having 2 SLI cards will cause more heat inside your case which means higher temps resulting in extra fans work now x2 so extra noise, better thing you can do its use headphones while playing or use speakers or w/e, also while not playing you can use software that lets you slow down your card fans so you wont hear it when its not need it. hope this helps.
  2. Thx for the reply, I was hoping for the less charge, less temps, lower fan work theory. Oh we'll guess I'll just stick with one and get a 6 series when it becomes cheaper. Thx again..
  3. other thing to consider its the brand, maybe zotac fan its louder than other brands cards, im using now a gtx 670 from evga, and yes when the fan its on load speeds i can hear it but its like a normal sound, not extra loud.
  4. If it was me I wouldn't have bought a Zotac.. My brother had gotten it for me during the Black Friday sale, after everything with rebate it was $179.99. Which to us was a good deal, I jumped from a evga gtx 460 to a Zotac 570. Not that Zotac is bad or anything..but to me their quality isn't as good as evga(like the fan example) so yeah it could just be the brand as you mentioned.
  5. yeah i understand that, just like you i jumped from a gtx 460 (wich btw was designed and built fully by nvidia), and i dont remember hearing the fan ever, its such an awesome card, try checking about other brands on reviews oe stuff, maybe you will find a quiet one. hope it helped :D.
  6. It will not reduce the workload. It will increase your performance instead. Both cards in ideal condition should work at 100% capacity. SLI almost always results in higher temperatures unless you have a very good airflow in your case.

    About loudness - look at it this way: How much louder are two people speaking the same speech in sync than one man speaking?
  7. Higher temperature I can deal with(I have 7 fans)6 of the 7 are 180mm I think, so my airflow is pretty good. It is just the sound that bothers me a little. Was just hoping it would be quieter with sli.
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