How big a power supply?

I was wondering how large a power supply I would need for this build. I am guessing a 1600w, but Im not sure that is big enough.
The specs are as follows:
2x Intel Xeon E5-2690
1x EVGA Classified SR-X 270-SE-W888-KR LGA 2011
12x 8 gig RAM
2x GTX 690's in SLI
These are just the main components. It will also be watercooled with a koolance system. Thank you.
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    2x 850W-1000W gold/platinum?

    some cases has 2 slot for PSU

    personally i will get single corsair 1200W platinum
  2. Would 1200 be enough with all of that plus 8x 2TB harddrives with 2 ssds and everything else necessary? I was thinking about a EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500.
  3. afaik, single 3930k + 2x 670 + all peripheral = 550W
  4. Aright, thank you.
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