91C overheating HIS 6870, please help

Hey guys, I'm actually making this thread for a friend who is having serious issues with his graphics card at the moment and am trying to help him out but I will be on his computer so I will still have access to it to try to fix the issue (if there is one). Anyhow, me and my friend recently got the humble bundle ThQ which included Metro 2033, which as you all know is a fairly graphically demanding game, and then we also bought farcry 3 yesterday. Ever since he started playing Metro 2033, his computer has begun to freeze occasionally while playing it, and then when we got farcry 3, the same issue started up. I immediately noticed it looked like a GPU problem, and after installing HW monitor on his computer, we saw his temperature go up to about 91C. I double checked with another temperature monitor (gputemp), and it read the same. So I am just in the process of troubleshooting to try and determine if there is some kind of software issue or what, or perhaps it is just a poorly made gpu. Also, before i post his specs, I wanted to let you guys know some software he uses that I had never heard of before. It's called Orochi CEG. I googled it to see if it was damaging to GPUs or anything, but the amount of information I found was little to none. I didn't see anything that made it seem like it was damaging, but I just wanted to make sure. His specs are following though:

Radeon HIS 6870
AMD Zambesi FX 6100
1 TB WD HDD 7200rpm
NZXT Source 210 Case
Kingwin LZ-1000 1000w psu

Please let me know of anything you think could be the issue, or any diagnostics you want me to run. I'd like to possibly fix the issue if I can instead of RMAing it since his computer was build Oct 2011 and it should still be under warranty. Also one more thing, all the fans are running and there isn't any significant dust accumulation that I can see. There could be some under the metal casing of the GPU but I don't want to remove it and cause a void warranty. Thanks again for your time guys.
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  1. has he tried other games recently and seen the same problem? How long has he had the card and has he repasted the GPU since he got it? Has he taken off the shroud and blown out all the dust lately?
  2. We played Black ops 2 the other day and it got up to like 81 C, which for a game like that shouldn't happen. Do you mean repaste the thermal paste or what? We haven't taken off the shroud because I don't want to void the warranty in any way.
  3. Dust out the graphics card with a compressed air duster can, if the fan or heatsink is caked with dust that will negatively effect cooling.

    You can use a program called MSI Afterburner to set a more aggressive fan profile. This may help keep your temps down, though the fan will get louder the faster it spins.

    You may want to also check the airflow in the case. Try taking the side off the case and have a tabletop fan blow into the case. If your temps significantly improve with that setup, you may need to do some better cable management, or add some more fans to the case to get proper airflow in there.
  4. Is it safe / safe for the warranty to take the plastic case off of the gpu? I figured that would void the warranty. We took it out and air dusted the fan which was pretty dusty, and his temps only hit about 80C now when playing Farcry 3, but that still isn't really acceptable.
  5. Yea it probobly still has dust trapped under the shroud. If you dont want to take it off the only other option is to do what the guy above me said, cable management and manually creating a fan profile. I did it with my 6850 and now it doesn't go above 65C while gaming. (it is louder though but noise doesn't bother me much.)
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