Have I broken my Hard Drive?

I am new to computers and I've built a budget gaming computer to start off, not too amazing but not by any means bad. Now I was given a "cracked" Windows 7 Ultimate OS disk by a friend but he warned me that if I install it without the crack, don't turn it off otherwise it quote "breaks the hard drive" so I put the OS disk in upon starting up the PC and it gave an error message "Reboot and boot from correct media drive or insert correct media and press a key" or something along those lines. I tried opening and then closing the disk drive, cleaning the disk and just patiently waiting a few minutes before I pressed a key and nothing happened so I just turned it off. Oops. Now have I broken my Hard Drive even though my computer didn't detect it as an OS disk anyway or is it ok? Is there a way to check? I did update the BIOS and it still boots up which is good but is there a way to see if the hard drive still works? I know now to get a genuine OS disk and not use these silly cracked discs, I just want to know for peace of mind, also in the BIOS there is no "Boot from CD/DVD" under the Boot tab. Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes.

My PC specs just in case it helps in any way:
Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GT630 Nvidia 4GB
CPU: AMD Bulldozer FX-6100 Socket AM3+ 6-Core
RAM: 8GB G-Skill Ripjaws-X Dual Stick Kit
Hard Drive: Western Digital 2TB SATA 6Gbps Internal Hard Drive OEM
Power Supply: Alpine 550W Power Supply

Thank you! :D
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    have you selected the disk you want to boot off of in your boot menu? or even set the priorities in bios?

    try getting into the "BOOT MENU" there they will have a long list you should see something taht kind of resembles your DVD player... also as long as you handent booted off the disk then i dont think so
  2. Didn't try anything of the sort, I did change the priorities to Rem. Device 1st followed by Hard Drive followed by ATAPI CD/ROM but I played it safe and didn't mess with the BIOS too much.
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  4. well then set the cd/ROm first and it should bot off of it
  5. I'll try it, another problem is that is there a reason why when I press F8 it desn't bring up the boot menu
  6. you have to press it multiple times so spam it... also is that what the post screen tells you to do?
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