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I had a geforce 120 gt but I had huge FPS drops in-game and it lasted for about 2-3 minutes, so I opened up my computer and it turned out it was the fan that was broken. So now I bought another card geforce 630 GT. I have been trying to install the drivers all day but it's not working and somehow when I open up heroes of newerth it won't update anymore, internet feels slower and Chrome won't load (these things have never been an issue before). Here's an image of what it shows after I finish the drivers installation.

Here's the computer I have and it's specs :
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  1. Bump, please help me!
  2. I wouldn't bump if I were you the moderators don't take to kindly to bumping threads. I would unistall the drivers completely within the registery/and control panel and try again. Something like this will help. Keep in mind that nvidia drivers are all the same among all there graphic cards. The only thing that changes is the support for them but you have a 600 series card which should see support for the foreseeable future.
  3. Okay, thanks for your help but the issue still remains
  4. try this look for power options using your start menu search set it high performance
  5. Power options wont solve his drivers not being able to be installed.
  6. You are right, that didn't work either :/ Is there any other options I got to make it work?
  7. Well you are using trying to install beta drivers which by definition should work but you may want to try the WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) version which is 306.97. The new WHQL drivers should be coming out next week. Just something to try. I had an issue like this for my PHYSX driver no matter what I did going through the registry going through uninstalling the drivers nothing worked eventually just flushed my system and reinstalled windows. Also to note I don't speak/read german would be helpful to know whats not installed and installed. In that picture.
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