Upgrade am3 build or ivy bridge new build

Hi all

I have been debating whether to upgrade my current pc or to swap out for an ivy bridge based system

My current specs are
Athlon ii x3 445 not overclocked
Xfx 5830
6gb ddr3 ram
Asus m4a88t-m mobo
1080p 3d tv

This pc is purely for gaming in 2d and 3d

So would I be better to upgrade to a phenom ii x4 965 and 7850/7870 or to an ivy bridge cpu and mobo with a 7850/7870? I would need to buy a new os if I swapped to ivy bridge

The upgrade would be in the region of £300 but the ivy bridge would be considerably more but I dont want to buy the upgrade if in a years time its then not enough

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  1. unfortunately your old mobo doesnt support fx am3+

    and phenom is just old soldier...

    ivy bridge to go, even not-OC-ed ivy will be satisfying :)

    btw new intel haswelll is coming in june. will you wait for it?
  2. Thanks for your reply

    Yeah if it turns out that ivy is the way to go I will wait for haswell, im not in any immediate rush to buy tbh but I was curious as to the better option after reading toms best gaming cpus for this month with the mention that the phenom has gained a little bit of ground in more multi threaded games
  3. MSI HD7950 Twin Frozr: £226.55 Inc VAT

    You could move it into a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 and stay on budget.
  4. What would be the benefits of doing that over moving to ivy bridge be?
  5. i dont think any upgrade will be viable atm... upgrade GPU, your athlon III wil bottleneck it

    personally i will wait for new intel, new nvidia, new radeon card coming this year
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