Live or Audigy?

Right now my comp is running with the Sound Blaster Live! Platinum sound card, and I'm using the digital input to my CD Rom and digital out to my stereo in my living room. Is it really worth it to upgrade to the SB Audigy Platinum? I want to be absolutely sure before I shell out $250+ for a new soundcard...
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  1. NO, it's not that much better. But if you really want the card, you don't even need to buy the Platinum, your Live Drive II will fit the standard Audigy and give you most of the same features (available OEM for as little as $60).

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. No, I would move to the Game Theater XP instead. But you could also get an OEM (or Xgamer, if you want the gold connectors) and use your current Live Drive (which I think is what Crash meant).

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