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Hello, I bought a sony vaio I3 2.1 ghz 4mb ram laptop yesterday, and it has a very unstable wireless internet connection. The internet might be super slow at first, then drop entirely to where it says "you are not connected to the internet," then after not changing anything it will have a normal connection speed for a few minutes before repeating this cycle again. I have a macbook pro that I've had for two years connected to my wireless internet, and it has never had a problem. Even now it runs as usual on the wireless internet. I also have two ps3s that are working fine on the wireless, so I know it's not the router or signal. Can you help?
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  1. Not all wireless devices are created equal. Try updating any drivers for the wireless adapter. They can be found on sonys website under the model of your laptop.
  2. I would recommend what skaz says but I would also like to ask how many of those devises are connecting to the wireless router at once. If you get to many it could slow down drastically and act a bit wired if it's over loaded.
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