Power supply for gtx 660

i have local power supply from circle i am from india it has 20 a on two rail that is there is single waire split into two 6 pin conector i have right now hd 6770 which run fine all games without any probleam but i want to upgrade it to gtx 660 so plz tell me those my psu will handal my card or not what will happen if i run my card on this psu
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  1. It should be OK. The GTX 660 does not consume much more power than the 6770.
  2. Am using my EVGA GTX 660 SC on GX550 working fine for me it will be also good for you then :)
  3. thank you very much but some people saying to me what my psu is not branded and it will burn my pc can you post some pictures of your power supply output table so i will compaire with mine
  4. also is it my somputer run way hotter than norman like cpu @60 deg at stock and hd 6770 @74 deg at stock is this syngtomps of bad power supply
  5. The temps are not because of PSU.

    You should get a better CPU for GTX 660. Which one you have now?
  6. i7-930 any ways i bought corsair tx 650
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