GeForce GT 555m Problems

Hi, I recently installed a new game, League of Legends.

It brought to my attention that my graphics card 'could' be something wrong with it.

To explain, when I first tried it, like all games it put it on auto settings or recommended settings. These were all at High except for shadows which were low. Which is correct, shadows do have a problem with all games I run.

However, my fps I was getting was shocking 4-8 FPS, meaning I had to alter it to lower settings.

Which doesn't overly bother me, what concerns me more is that this graphics card should be perfectly capable of running on them settings, as the game isn't a graphically challenging one.

After watching performance videos this is closest card I could find this just caused my concern to go further.

I've also being having over heating problems on both my CPU and GPU however I managed to get the CPu under control.

Any idea why my card isn't performing?
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  1. Also, im currently playing Wow (world of warcraft)

    The suggested settings 'used' to be similar high/good.

    Now they're fair/low, I have to run on low/low to get a decent fps.

    Doing my headin now
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