Msi gtx 680 lightning or msi gtx 680 Power edition?

Msi gtx 680 lightning or msi gtx 680 Power edition? can i just OC power edition to clock speeds on lightning? also does nvidia give the program to OC or is it form a 3rd party?
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  1. Msi gtx 680 lightning you can reflash the bios to unlock it.You use msi afterburner to overclock it.
  2. If you want my opinion, for a card that powerful I would save the money and go with one at stock clocks. OCing your GPU will usually put more stress on it and make it die quicker. With a card like the 680, that card will be good enough to run games for as long as that card will keep working.

    MSI cards all ship with their afterburner software (it's really cool, I use it on my 7770) that you can use to OC, you shouldn't have that hard of a time matching to clocks on the lighting but doing so will validate your warranty.
  3. Only problem with a stock clocked card is that they come with a reference cooler, which are generally arent as good and louder. The lightning edition is one sexy beast.
  4. Not all stock clocks use the reference cooler, do they?

    Now that I think about it, your right lol just never noticed before.
  5. Yeah i generally prefer one card over another one, not because of the speeds between two models but because of the cooler on it. You can always play with the speeds after.
  6. I usually go for MSI cards, but the lighting and the Power edition have the same cooler.
  7. I noticed they got the same cooler so went for the power edition on new egg because it came with 2 games instead of the lightning edition with no games on amazon. If someone can please tell me how to OC or is msi after burner program do it all?
  8. MSI afterburner makes it real easy, you just check the box to unlock it and then slide the sliders around. Don't do it the day you get it though, give it at least a few weeks to see if it dies from any defects first. Again with a card like that you shouldn't need to OC it at all.
  9. You wont need to overclock it anymore. Assuming you arent in surround or 3d or anything no games will push a stock 680 let alone the OC version. I have the 670 power edition, and it doesnt get maxed so it will be fine. Its a great cooler too btw.
  10. Ok so its good to know when a game that can actually challenge the 680 I can just OC im only running a single 23in 1080p monitor so I expect even witcher 2 on utra to be over 60 fps. Thanks for the input guys and glad to know 680 can handle anything. Also smart idea to let the card run for while to get it to burn in because when you choose to OC it voids warrenty right?
  11. maucerit said:
    when you choose to OC it voids warrenty right?

    Most of the time yes,
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