Crossfiring 2 HD 7770's

Hi I was wondering if i can crossfire a Hd7770 1gb( with a 2gb version (

Additional Info: I have a Sabertooth 990fx and the HD 7770 i have right now is a HD 7770 Dco 1gd5.
This is not the V2 like in the link. Does This matter?

Thanks for the help i know it was a long question.
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  1. You can, just know that if you throw in that 2 gig it's still going to run on 1 Gig of VRAM. The 7770 has a really low memory bus, which some people say will make it bad to crossfire, I don't crossfire anything so I can't tell you for sure. I love my 7770 as a single card though.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    So would i be better off just buying a second HD 7770 and cross-firing? Would i then get 2 gigs of VRAM?
  3. No, I'd think your best bet would be to save up some money for the 7850, if you really want to crossfire though, because you've never done it, it looks cooler, or whatever else, then just dont spend the extra money and buy another 1Gig.
  4. The reason I'd really like to crossfire is because these two cards can almost match the performance of a HD 7950. Well thanks for your reply its looks like im going with a HD 7770 1gb
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