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Triple TV setup or Triple Monitor setup

Hey guys

So through family means, I'm able to get a handful of Panasonic 32inch TV's (Don't ask what model, as I currently don't know), all I know is that they're going to be 32in FullHD, possibly LED. I couldn't give you an exact model.

I have two options. I can either fork out some cash and grab a handful of monitors and do a triple monitor setup, probably something with 120hz monitors, I was looking into these:
I can go with the triple TV setup with the 3x 32in Panasonic FullHD tv's (I get them for free)

I would go with either, however money is an issue, and the TV's would come over a period of time (like one at a time for 3 months, they're not easy to get a hold of), I just wanted the communities opinion :)
My specs for my pc are:
CPU: i7-2600k @ Stock sppeds
GPU: two EVGA GTX680 FTW 4gb in SLI
Ram: 32gb G.Skill X series @1800mhz
Mobo: Asus P8Z77 V-Deluxe
Psu: Corsair HX-850w

soooo any advice or input?
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    I use 3 of the 46" Sceptre TVs for my 3 screen gaming. Works just fine as long as you don't sit close enough to lick a screen. My chair is an electric recliner. Since your probably dealing with a thick bezel, I would suggest staggering your TVs. i push the side TVs just far enough behind the middle TV bezel so they overlap fully. Really not a bad way to game. If I were going to use monitors, I would go with the cheapest 23 to 24" ones you can find. I don't see any reason to dump a bunch of money into 3 points of possible failure. I use a Radeon 7970, just one works well enough.

    The most important aspect to remember about your situation is that free is the best price of all.
  2. Of course the TVs, 3 32" 1080p TVs is amazing, you could put the money you will save to better use. Hey if you decide you want to buy some monitors, then you could always send me the TVs :)
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  4. Most televisions have awful latencies, if you're doing any gaming you will definitely notice the delay. I'd only get the tv's if all you're doing on the computers is watching videos.
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