Dell gx150 small desktop dual monitor setup

hi, i was wondering on how to setup a dual monitor with a dell gx150(small desktop). the system has a apg x4 half-hieghted port, and two pci slots. also it has a normal vga port. so my question are,
A) if i bought a pci card (cheap) and installed it, could i put one monitor in the vga and one in the pci card?
B) if i bought a pci card that supports dual monitors, could i install that and have everything still work?
C) if i got a apg x4 card half-hieghted, card i do the same as the two questions above.
D) can you give links to cards that would be compatiable?
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    The radeon 5450 is about as good as it gets for legacy PCI slot cards, but they are alot of money now, looking for something on ebay would be your best bet. Running a dual monitor setup usually doesn't take much over heard, so I'd think just about any card would do. PCI is faster than AGP if I'm not mistaken, I don't work with the two ports and GPU's very often any more.
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