Problems with my newly built PC

I recently built a new PC but I've been having weird problems with it. My monitor will randomly spazz out colors and turn black afterwards, then go back to normal. Other times the sounds im hearing from my headphones will be played in a loop (kind of like a tf2 crash) and the monitor will go blank again claiming there's no signal between it and the pc and then I have to shut off my computer via power button. When I turn it on after that, only a small portion of the monitor is being used as the screen and the colors are messed up. Sometimes it would mention that the display driver crashed and then recovered. I would think this is only a monitor problem but the sound looping and display driver crashing made me think otherwise. I would appreciate any help I could get.
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  1. Could be a faulty motherboard?

    Are you using hdmi through a graphics car and using audio through your monitor? The it could be your gpu..
  2. I'm using DVI-D and audio through my mother board
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