PC shuts down itself

i've got recently problems with PC
I start new game and after the map loads my PC shuts down itself like somebody just cut off the power source. I've checked the fans and everything seems to be ok, ran FurMark to check if it may be something with the graphics card and still nothing. I cleaned almost everything inside, reinstalled system and still nothing. What do you think it might be ? I give a shot that it is PSU problem, but wanted to share with you, so I could get some advice from more experienced people. Besides computer seems to be fine, but I can't run any game because PC after few minutes shuts down / loses power.

Regards, Siwanetzu.
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  1. It sounds like your graphics card is overheating. Download hwmonitor and run futuremark and see how high your card gets. You might need to add more cooling to the card or ramp up the card's fan speed.
  2. check your wattage and amps on the power supply 12v rail. most time the power supply 12v rail is to low in amp rating to handle the video card when it turn on to max power. most video cards when they boot into windows are using there low power mode...they dont stress out the power supply.) if your mb has onboard video..turn the system off..drain power from the mb and remove the video card....try another card with lower power usage or try using the onboard gpu and see if the system shuts down.
  3. Maximum temperature it reached was sth about 83 degrees with 73% performance from the fans (4x 120mm case fans) . Stable temperature is 39 degrees during playing games, working or just using internet.

    smorizio, I will try to do that when I come back to home. Also I will need to borrow another graphic card from my friend. Thanks for your help.
  4. Sorry that I put my comment under the previous one, but little update: now it turns off after 2 mins from turning it on. I am going to order new PSU anyway, since I've got a cheap one added with case. If somebody can explain to me reason why does it turn off I would be fulfilled.
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