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Win7, new install on new PC

I have my taskbar on the right side of the screen. I have gadgets (network meter, and CPU usage) to the left of the taskbar. I added the Drives Meter gadget and it popped to the left of the taskbar, top of the screen. I want all my gadgets at the bottom of the screen, stacked to the left of the taskbar, but they won't move.

How do I get them to move?
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  1. Never mind. If the mouse pointer changes to a hand, the gadget won't move. Therefore I need to grab the gadget someone in the middle of the box, not in the titlebar of the gadget.

    They move fine if I grab them properly.

    With the Network Meter, the titlebar turns the mouse ptr to a hand, and I can't move it. So I need to grab the Network Meter in the middle somewhere. Same with Drives Meter. But with CPU Usage, I can grab the gadget titlebar and move it, because the mouse ptr stays an arrow.
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