Good FPS or no?

I am currently building a computer, and i was wondering what FPS i may get in far cry 3 black ops 2, battlefield 3, dayz, arma 3, dayz standalone, battlefield 4, and even the next call of duty. (I know some of these arent out yet but give a general direction)
Also if i were to overclock will i have enough power for it? Will it be cool enough? Please help. I also dont want to spend ANY more money on this.
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    It will game really well
    but you have a few choices for parts that could be improved IMO

    Drop the thermal paste . The cooler has some and it will be just as good .

    Motherboards with a Z77 chipset are a better choice . More features .

    The raidmax psu is a little suspect . They are not considered a good manufacturer .
    Corsair , seasonic would be more expensive but probably worthwhile options
  2. Ok i did change my motherboard a second ago to this one

    Also how much more expensive do you think a better PSU would be?
  3. Btw keep in mind im only 14 and i have a job but it pays pretty bad, I have been saving up. Also, If you could recommend a PSU that would be great!
  4. You´ve picked a excellent motherboard, but I´d not go with the SSD. If you can´t get the Samsung 840 Pro, then go with Samsung 830.

    The Samsung 840 uses TLC NAND, while the Samsung 830 use MLC NAND, which is better as it is faster and doesn´t wear out fast as the TLC NAND ones.

    As for the PSU, I´d suggested you this one > Antec NEO ECO 620C 620W
  5. I think i might just drop the SSD in full...With that PSU its becoming VERY expensive
  6. it will game like a champ change to a gtx 670 for a little bit bettere FPS and your case to a bigger HAF 912 or a tempest 410 elite if you want a window
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