Dual Monitor Problem HD 6530d

Just purchased a Biostar Ta75m+ with an AMD A6-3650 Llano 2.6GHz.

It is a CPU + GPU and I am having issuess with connecting my HD TV to the HDMI port and my main monitor to the DVI port at the same time. They both work on there own but when both put in neither of the monitors comes up.
Windows and the AMD vision software will only read which ever one is working at the time. I am concerned that the 2 ports interfere with each other however that seems very poorly made.

Any help would be lovely thanks in advanced. :D
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  1. Is the BIOS for your motherboard up to date? Latest stable video drivers?

    If you had a discrete card plugged it might make sense, but if you're using the onboard it makes me think it might be one of those two since your ports work independently.
  2. Yes both are up to date.

    I should also point out that If I plug my TV first to the HDMI port then my monitor to the DVI port the TV stays on but the monitor does not change. The resolution on my TV is always different however and never seems to be right, it also calls the monitor and TV a unspecified PNP device or a "Display Device on the:VGA". When ever I have only the monitor plugged into the DVI port it reads my monitor fine as a CMC 19. I have also seen my TV labeled correctly when it is the only device plugged in.

    I have tried 2 diffrent HD TV's but only one Montior with the DVI connection.
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