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Worth going from a 6770 to 6850?

I current have a 6770, and plays bf3 with my 6 core at 30fps on high preset and better with some medium settings tweaking, but my friend has a 6850 he'd like to trade and i offered him my psp or a paintball gun lol well i can get around $90 for either of those items and saw only a 10-15 fps increase with the 6850. Both 1gb cards. Wondering if it'd b a smart move or wait for someone to buy each item and get something like a 78507870 or 660gtx 2gb? Also was looking at some of the 7770s and i see the benchmarks for the 1gb cards but theres an asus 2gb version rlly similar to the 1gb ones and since wat i mainly play is bf3, would the extra vram help without a higher resolution, would it increase performance in a 7770? Playing at 1080p
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    I would say no. If you save up to pick up a 7850 it generally runs faster/as fast as a 6950 which in turn is 2x faster than the 6770.

    7850 2gb if you can. Cheers.
  2. Also, no. Unless you're being bottlenecked by VRAM, more of it doesn't help performance at ALL.
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