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GTX 690 on 2 monitors

I have a GTX 690 and 2 monitors. I am looking at running SLI but am wondering if there is a way to keep the 2nd monitor running on the side while being in SLI. I want the second monitor so I can exit in and out and do work when I need to. Any ideas? I have a spare GTX 460 but I am not sure if that would make any sense.

If not would it have been better to have just purchased to 680's, and would this allow me to utilize both monitors in SLI?
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  1. You can use both monitors with a single graphics card regardless of whether it is in SLI or not. Just hook up the monitors using a second cable between the graphics card and the second monitor. Try it. Most GTX 690's have at least two or three DVI outputs and all of them can be used simultaneously.
  2. You need to have them plugged into 1 card. Meaning it will work with them plugged into 1 card but not 1 on each.
  3. Do you think SLI means running a game on all monitors at once? Because that's not what it means - SLI is using two video cards to work together. (Which the 690 is already doing.)

    As for running a game on two monitors, there's a reason people use 3. If you use 2, there's this big gap from the bezels, exactly where you'll want to be staring.
  4. It does not seem that you can play games on two, but what I am asking is different.

    I want to run the game on one monitor, but still be able to use the 2nd monitor for work if need be.
  5. Yes, just plug both monitors into the card... When you open a game it will only open on your main monitor, leaving the other on the desktop or whatever else you have open on it.
  6. Right but this won't run in SLI, is there another way ? I have to click activate all displays which disables SLI
  7. Isnt the 690, In a sense, Already in SLI? Its two 680s on a single PCB? You should be able to just plug both monitors into the 2 DVI ports and be good to go. It may require a bit of mess about in your Display setting and NvIDIA control panel. But when you start a game, the other screen should stay on your desktop. Ive seen a card disable the other screen while games were running and this had to be fixed in either Display settings or the NvIDIA control panel.

    Also some screen shots would be nice if possible cause that last statement confuzzled me.
  8. So I am an idiot... Hands down....

    This whole time I have had the Nvidia Control Panel set for "Activate all Displays" What does this mean?

    This means that the GTX 690 was running as a 680 and never utilizing the other GPU.

    So the #'s

    I ran 3dmark 2011 Extreme and got a score of X3030 under "Activate all Displays" utilizing 1 GTX 690(680)

    I ran 3d Mark 2011 Extreme and got a score of x5450 under "Maximize 3d performance" when it utilized both GPU's on the 690.

    I am going to load up Skyrim and see if this solves anything. Otherwise I am going to sell it and go back to my GTX 460 and wait for the 700 series.

    What do you guys think? Is there a way to activate both displays on the GTX 690 in SLI? It sucks this does not work, I would have been better off with 3 monitors, but they don't sell my third Samsung 23" anymore. Thus, I would have been better with 1 large 27" and a smaller 23" Any advice you guys would be willing to give?
  9. I'm not sure about this, as it's been a long time since I've done this (decade), but using multiple GPUs used to be the only way to get multiple monitors..

    Have you tried plugging in your GTX 460 and hooking up the secondary monitor to it?
    (I wouldn't be suprised if this doesn't work, but if you haven't tried it it's probably worth a try)

    Alternatively, if you have a sandy/ivybridge, you could try the integrated graphics for the second monitor (this seems more likely to work, than using another card, but still unsure).
  10. Plug both your monitors into the 690, go into display settings and set the monitor you want your games to run on as your "main" display. When you open games your "main" display will play the game while the other stays on desktop... I currently have 1 680 running 4 monitors, all monitors plugged into it.
  11. abCasPeRR said:
    You need to have them plugged into 1 card. Meaning it will work with them plugged into 1 card but not 1 on each.

    That's an AMD requirement, not Nvidia.
  12. Are you trying to run your games in window mode? some games can't use SLI/Crossfire while not in full screen. ( Although i'm not sure the 690 truly counts as SLI.)
  13. I'm pretty sure the only issue he has is that he set the 2 monitors up in a surround setup, rather than an extended desktop. You can setup the extended desktop by right clicking the desktop and clicking "screen resolution".
  14. What I want to do is set it up so that I can use both displays at the same time. Looking online I should be able to set up 2 monitors to be viewable while still being able to utilize the cards as SLI during games.

    What I want to do is run SLI on the system but still be able to utilize the second monitor. It does not make sense that I cannot do this
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    Wait a minute. Are you having the same issue as this guy on the EVGA forum?

    The guy below mentioned a solution. Give it a shot! =D

    From what Ive read. Certain ports lead to a certain GPU. To allow Multi Gpu (SLI) to remained enabled, but allow you to use two monitors at once. Both monitors need to be hooked up to the ports that lead to the same GPU. The guy who replied on the forum gave a rough explanation.
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  17. Simmons works like a charm for those who can't view the site:

    Go middle on top row and other monitor on bottom row:

    It took me quite some time to get around this hurdle..

    If my memory does not fail me:
    I don´t know how to embed a pic.. so i´ll try to explain and hope the card is placed in the same way on your pc.
    When i turn my pc around so the back faces forward --> i have 3 plugins on top 2 x dvi + a minidisplay to the right
    ..and 1 on the bottom.
    The plugin furthest to the left in the top row is gpu 1 -
    the middle plugin top row + minidisplay + dvi in buttom row is gpu 2.

    To use 2 screen you must have both monitors connected in gpu 2. (middle dvi top row, minidisplay or dvi bottom row)

    Not sure this makes sense, but this is how i made it work.

    by using middle dvi top row + bottom dvi.

    Then multi gpu mode (and clone desk as previous generation single cards)

    Hope it helps and makes sense ;D
  18. Im glad it helped =D
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