defrag xp?

Does any one know if incomplete and constant need to defrag is an xp problem? At any rate a good solution would be great if there is one I use the one that came with xp and Norton utilities 2002 speed disk. System is still fat 32 as I have to transfer files back and forth to another compuer running 98se and dont know what this would do if I changed it
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  1. Transferring files back and forth with an NTFS file system is no problem. NTFS is more resistant to fragmentation, however. In any case, fragmentation is normal on any OS but a little more so on WinME and WinXP due to System Restore.

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  2. *Thanks! This gives me the info to make the switch
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  3. Hmmm.. strange. I heard NTFS was more susceptible to fragmentation than FAT 32. At any rate, I use Diskeeper 7.0 to defrag on Win XP. It works really well; however I'm having a problem with it telling me that chkdsk needs to be run before I can run a defrag again. I do the chkdsk, it corrects the errors, and I can defrag again. The next day, it begins all over again. Diskeeper tells me I should run it once per day to keep fragmentation to a low level... so it can get annoying when I leave my comp running so it can do a defrag, only to get up the next day and have it tell me it can't because of errors on the HD... any suggestions?

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