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Installed windows 8, but when restarting, boots directly to dvd

I am working on a friends computer, and I installed windows 8 for him. I install the os, doing a clean install. when it goes thru the process, it restarts. well, his computer doesnt say press any key to boot from dvd. it boots directly to the disc, making it a loop. when i disable the dvd drive, i get an error saying \windows\system32\winload.exe. So basically, I have no clue what to do. I try to do the system repair, but nothing. it just messes up again. so basically, i cant keep the disc in, bc it goes back to the setup, and i cant take it out, bc the error pops up. can anyone help?
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    dont disable your dvd drive instead aftr it boots from the dvd drive for the first time and conpletes the process till First restart go to ur bios options and just change the boot orfer making 1st boot device to HDD. save your configuration and reset the pc.
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