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I have a Dell Dimension 8400. The hard drive was going bad so I bought and installed a new one. Installed XP again and now when I start up the computer after the Windows screen it says

Phoenix Rom BIOS Plus Version 1.10.AO9
Drive 1 not found Serial ATA SATA-1
Drive 2 not found Serial ATA SATA-2
Drive 3 not found Serial ATA SATA-3

Strike F1 key to continue
F2 to run system setup.

I checked the boot order and it seems ok. When I press F1 windows loads and everything works fine. Just this step is bugging the heck out me. It didn't do it until I replaced the hard drive. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. how did you install XP if the BIOS cant find a hard drive?
  2. Is the older hdd installed in one of these serial-ata ports ? From here I imagine you have plugged your hdd in other hdd controller, different from where the bad one was installed, because when you hit F1 windows loads fine.

    If you plugged in the same controller, I recommend you check the hdd jumpers - if exisits - because it may be configured as slave hdd - and not primary - so the BIOSD is not finding your new hdd during the start up.
  3. I took out the old hard drive and cables. I put the new hard drive in and connected the cables to the same spot as the old hard drive.

    what are HDD jumpers?
  4. Outlander_04 said:
    how did you install XP if the BIOS cant find a hard drive?

    IDK. Stuck the cd in and followed directions. I think it found it idk
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