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Upgrading from a 5770 with an AMD 1055t onboard. How big is too big?

Hey, I'll try and make this simple.

I have a 1055t (stock clock)
12GB of RAM at 1333MHz
880g chipset (SB710 south bridge)

I want to upgrade my card. I have enough wattage for a 7950 but I don't know how bad my processor will bottleneck a powerful GPU like that.

Also considering a 7850 or 7870

NOTES: I dont overclock. I am anti Nvidia. I am not rebuilding for a few more years and I have intermediate experience with customizing my build. (modded a couple things and got my cpu cooler)

ALSO I am an ASUS fanboy for graphics cards, so really its a simple question looking for opinions. Just because I said I am anti Nvidia or overclocking doesn't mean I wont take well written-well grounded advice seriously. I just have a personal bias.

Regardless, I am a huge fan of the site and appreciate any feedback.


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    :hello: , i dot think your processor would bottleneck any of those cards, im using a gtx 670 along with a i7 920 (1st i7 gen processor) and i dont have any problems, so i dont think yours will. that being said, im more on nvidia side regarding video cards, but of you are going to get ATI one like he 7950 it would be a waste not to overclock it, its oc capabilities are great, its just an opinion n.n, hope it helps.
  2. Hehehehe, anti NvIDIA. 7850 is a great all around card =D. I would have considered getting it had I not had an NvIDIA option a year ago.

    ASUS makes some damn good products
  3. Sounds good.

    Ya I just hate installing new driver so often when they are utilized for a game or two. My 9800GTX is still in my anti-static bag just in case though.

    I should also point out that I want to use a dual 1080p monitor setup
  4. I just picked up a 7870 because it was on special. Thanks guys
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