Display goes out, no response from mouse, keyboard, or power button

I just finished putting together my new PC. After two defective ASUS motherboards, I refunded the last one and purchased an MSI motherboard, put everything together, and everything boots up perfectly fine. BIOS goes through post, display kicks in at MSI boot up/POST screen, Windows loads up and is usable.

The problem first occured when I tried to play a video. Before the video even starts, I lost display signal, and the power to the keyboard and mouse go. Also, the power button on the top of the case will not work once this happens, PC has to be shut down manually from PSU.

All hardware continues to run when this happens, with no increase in fan workload.

I have reinstalled Windows, pulled the video card and reinstalled, pulled the video card and used the on-board chipset, pulled the CMOS battery and reset the CMOS.

The problem seems to be happening more frequently.

I am running:

MSI 760GM-P23FX Motherboard
AMD FX8150 Zambezi 8-core processor with liquid cooling system (checked for overheating issues)
ZOTAC GEFORCE GTX 650ti Video card
Seagate 640gb hard drive
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  1. It is your power supply. Seriously, google your power supply, you'll be amazed at the number of poor reviews.
  2. It was a short in the motherboard. Replaced the MoBo after cleaning out my case and everything is up and running fine now.
  3. hey i too am having this same issue for months what did u do exactly to fix this
  4. That RAIDMAX PSU is as poor quality as they come. Replace it ASAP. It can EASILY fry your entire system. It is basically a bomb.

    Stick with antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic.
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