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GeForce GTX 550Ti in SLI

December 6, 2012 4:29:31 AM

I've had a single Geforce GTX 550Ti (came OC'd and I add an OC on top of that with MSI afterburner of: 970 Core Clock, 1940 Shader Clock, and leave the Memory Clock at 2052 with fan forced to 77- could probably take it higher but haven't touched Core Volts of the GPU) for a little over a year now and it's been pretty decent. Usually I can I max everything but leave shadows on low to medium on DX10 or older and always have 40-60+ FPS. DX11 I usually make sure detail, FOV, etc. are high but keep AA around 4, and up everything else as long as FPS are still good which I end up with 30 FPS on average. I'm running a 47" LCD LED TV as a monitor using the HDMI input (instead of DVI) so the TV "sees" the input as being like a DVD player in stead of a "PC", which gives me all the "TV" adjustments which add a nice, sharp, "post effect", as opposed to using the "PC" settings through the DVI/RBG which don't add the same level of sharpness, motion smoothing, etc.

With that being said, I get a REALLY good image. But I've noticed more games are going with the somewhat buggy DX11, and after I upgrade to a MSI 990FXA-GD80V2 and an FX8320, I was thinking about getting a 2nd Geforce GTX 550Ti to run in SLI as I believe it'll be the biggest bang for my buck at this point as I already have one 550Ti, and not really interested in dropping $250 on a newer GTX 6XX series or better, let alone 2 of those in SLI. Running a single GTX 550Ti with the OC on an Athlon II X2 250 OC'd @3.95Ghz I can max the settings that matter on every major game (sorry, but shadows on "Ultra" don't matter to me nor does 16xAA as my TV's post effect helps out a bunch)

So, I was wondering what kind of performance can I see with 2 Geforce GTX 550 Ti in SLI? Saw some bench tests that showed a positive review, but figured I'd ask people who actually ran the Nvidia version of the GTX 550Ti as it's OC'd by Nvidia above a normal variant IIRC. Would I need to "de-clock" them a bit for stability? Also, since they would each have 1Gb of DDR5, does that effectively mean the system would see 2Gb of DDR5? Does performance essentially double? The FX8320 will have 1 thread per core deactivated to run it as a "true" 4 core with the highest stable OC it'll take minus 100-200Mhz so it's not on the brink of being at MAX speeds.

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