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  1. i didnt mean to bother u guys, im sry, and thanks for helping..
  2. u dint. but we kept giving u solid options and u kept wanting us to change it, kind of excessive energy lose. but its cool. atleast u got he rig u wanted.
  3. could u just change de mobo for me? D:

    LOL jokes, pce and thanks man
  4. no problem if u need any more help pm me, ;)
  5. WOW THATS SOME SERIOUS MONEY! Why not get a I CORE 7??? 680 lots of funds Do the 670 like others mention or the 7970. 16 gig ram over kill like other mention, 8 is fine you got time later to add You wanna do your os on the ssd makes a world of differance. check out new eggs prices on 240 or higher why over clock when these cpus already have more then enough that it takes for the games these days? the money you save on cooling could be used for a better case Just my thoughts
  6. ur saying I should install my OS on my SSD? if yes explain why. thanks
  7. yes, thats right. for maximum speed.
  8. and what else should I install in there? things such as games? thanks bro ur the one thats actually helping me.. I appreciate that <3
  9. just ur favourite games, not everything, always keep the hd 20% free space, filled more than that speed degrades and is bad for the ssd :D
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