SLI gtx660's with RX850AE?

Although it's an 850w 80PLUS Gold, I've heard some doubt about the PSU. I currently run a gtx 580 and an i7 960 with absolutely no power issues, and it's been that way for a year. Should I upgrade just to be safe with the time, I plan on keeping my new build with 660's for a few years.
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  1. mmm hoestly werever i check theres lot of positive reviews about your psu and its MORE than enough for ny card on the market, even SLI, so no, on my opinion keep the psu no doubt about it.
  2. I was thinking the same thing, haven't really found any bad reviews on my PSU. I guess Raidmax isn't the most credible company when it comes to customer support, but I haven't had any issue at all with my current PSU and it doesn't seem like their products themselves are sketchy
  3. yeah, srsly stick with it, would be a shame if you change it when its fully functional, modular and gives 850w.
  4. Even if you SLI your current GTX 580, your PSU is enough. :lol:
    So, your PSU is way too much enough for any other Card.
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