Help, I don't even know what is broken now

So yesterday I had my display cut out and my MB beeped to say a graphics or monitor problem. In a previous thread, I ruled out the graphics card or display as an issue. I am under the assumption that the MB is bad. It would go into 1 power phase and all the fans would work but nothing else.

Today, I took an older micro ATX MB and put it into my rig and set everything up just to confirm that everything else is working. Now nothing is going at all. The PSU doesn't sound like it is getting anything, none of the fans are spinning. Everything is completely dead. I have re-checked my outlet to make sure it is working and all the pins are plugged in on the machine. The only thing I'm not sure of is if my reset, power, and HDD switches are in correctly. I have tried them a bunch of different ways but I might have missed one.

Can any thermal paste on the CPU cause this sort of problem? What about a bent pin or is it the MB? It just seems odd that not even the PSU and fans seem to be working.

tl;dr Nothing is working when it did before. Nothing is coming on at all even though the plugs all seem correct.
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  1. at the top of the forum is thread about troubleshooting a new build

    There is lots of good advice there for you
  2. If you are talking about this:

    Then I already went through it up to number 19 since I cant even get to the BIOS at this point. Everything was working fine for two months until yesterday when the MB seemed to have trouble. Now absolutely nothing is powering on.

    Very few of those steps seem like they would interfere with the PSU. Typically it at least has its own fan running, but that isn't even going. I have done nothing to the PSU except unplug and replug some of its connections.
  3. Nothing should stop a psu fan spinning except a failed cpu or a power cut

    That is most likely your problem
  4. Alright thanks, I was afraid it might be the CPU.
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