A puzzler for you- a graphics card running TOO cool

As the title so suggests, my graphics card is running a little too cool for my liking. Why? Because I believe that it is somehow underclocking itself without my permission. I have a Gigabyte GTX 560ti448 (drivers up to date, then rolled back, then updated again), and I am using EVGA Precision as my overclocking tool of choice. (although the problem presents on a stock clock as well.

Now, the temps.
Idle temp (with minimal graphics, flash in Firefox at most) my GPU sits at about ~30 C

Load temp (GPU running a GPU intensive game, reporting 100% and producing FPS near benchmarks) ~58 C

The problem temp- GPU reporting 100% load, but not pulling nearly the FPS that I would normally expect- ~40 C

any ideas?

I'm in no rush here, please, don't leave anything out for fear of insulting me ^ -^

I have done some testing of my own~
-It is not application specific, I suffer drops across all graphics intensive programs
-It is not setting specific (I lower graphics settings in games, and the FPS scales up reasonably accordingly)
-It is not always a problem. Most confusing of all, it appears to present randomly... then decides to be merciful and live up to the good money I pay for it

any help is appreciated in advance (:
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  1. maybe the software is wrong.

    read the temperature with multiple software.
  2. use MSI afterburner and the ingame monitor that comes with it to see the GPU clocks ingame, it will also show GPU load, mem usage and temps.

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