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Graphic card upgrade only

my system specs are , intel e5500 2.8ghz,
mobo is p5g41t-m lx(asus) , 2gb ddr3 ram , 500 gb hard drive,psu is LPE 223-400 (i dont knw wat does that mean) .. and current gpu is nvidia 8400gs 1gb. ..
my only question is which latest card can i upgrade tht suits all my specs above (only the card)(nvidia only, cause i have no idea about ati or amd) .. my budget is around 8000rs (indian) .. pls guys help me ..
i was thinking abt gtx650 but few people said abt bottlenecking some abt psu problems etc .. can someone help .. i'll b thank full
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  1. Your cpu will become a bottleneck for the GTX 650, though it is an excellent card

    If you can upgrade to a quad core cpu your pc will run perfectly, but with your current specs, you'll probably wanna go with a GTX 550ti or GTS 450
  2. thank u .. so there no problem with the psu ?? actually in chennai (where i live) there is no such cards available in market .. only gtx 650 they provide .. so is it okay to go with it or can i buy frm flipkart or online shops and install my self .. do we need skills fr it .??
  3. AMD too makes powerful GPUs. I recommend this

    Its a very reasonable card for the price and it will NOT bottleneck.
    You can find many shops in Chennai which will give better discounts than Flipkart.

    For installing you need Skills (Or Youtube). I suggest you to call a expert for that.
  4. If a GTX650 is bottlenecked by that processor, the GTX550 Ti (~5% faster) and certainly the the 7770 will be bottlenecked too. What people are saying is essentially that your processor performance will hold back the card, so buy a slower card to match a slower CPU. If you do buy a GTX650 though and if it is bottlenecked, a CPU upgrade in the future would then unlock the rest of the card's potential.
  5. The Processor isn't that bad.

    Get that 7770 and OC your processor to 3.4 Ghz (If needed)
    You'll not face any problems at all.
  6. That's a 250watt power supply people..............
  7. swifty_morgan said:
    That's a 250watt power supply people..............

    is it like those cards they suggest wont work ?? then what else will work with that psu ? if u r right ...
  8. okay if i buy gtx 650 and install that with intel e5500 .. will it perform atleast best to the cpu till a year .. cuase later i will upgrade my cpu and psu.. by doing this will my card or cpu damages??
  9. mohammad_amju said:
    is it like those cards they suggest wont work ?? then what else will work with that psu ? if u r right ...

    thew power supply is in your case. what does the label say ? or didn't you pull the side off and look ?

    and if this is a pre-made dell or something there might be clearance issues inside the case.
  10. You should have atleast 4GB of RAM. It's dirt cheap nowadays.
  11. swifty_morgan said:

    its something like this ac input 230vac 50/60 hz .. etc etc .. okay .. will gts 450 work .. or the card u suggested work with crysis 2 or battlefield 3 atleast in medium settings
  12. you'll see something that says 12volt. under that is numbers. how many amps does it list ?

    what are you using for a monitor ?
  13. under +3.3v its 25A
    +5v its 32A
    +12v its 17A and
    -12v its 0.8A .. is this okay ??
    and for monitors its a stable current what indian e.b provides (220v at 50hz)
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    actually I wanted to know the monitor size and resolution... but, if you want to put a gtx650 or a 7770 you are going to have to replace the power supply first because it will not run those bigger video cards.

    the gts450 is a bit faster than the 6670 but I think it requires still more power. it might work okay, I don't know. the 6670 might be pushing it too.
  15. Best answer selected by mohammad_amju.
  16. monitor resolution is 1600 x 900 .. sorry and its about 20 inch ..
    by the way i think i should go with what u say .. instead of opting higher one's and suffering over it .. will buy ram with the extra bugs i save :)
  17. cheers m8.
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