HD 6670 - DDR3 or GDDR5?


I'm planning to upgrade my graphics card from the onboard Xpress 200 that i have. I'm also upgrading a friend of mine's computer, and we want our computers to be loosely the same on graphical perfomance.

The computers:

Main PC : Intel Pentium D 3.4 Ghz | 2GB DDR2 667 | Xpress 200
Friend 1 : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 Ghz | 3GB DDR2 667 | Club3D 9600 Lite Edition (a sorts of 9600 GSO (G94) with the stats of a 9500 GT)
Friend 2 : Intel Pentium Dual 1.6 G | 2GB DDR2 667 | HD 5450

I'm inspired by some YouTube videos of people running great games with crappy CPU (like these) and good GPU's. We are not going to run on res better than 1280x1024 and can actually play lower if needed.

The idea was to counterbalance the offset between the Main and Friend 2 (which are rather the same minus GPU) and the Friend 1, so i thought on three 1GB HD 6670's. But one of them (the friend 1 one) would be DDR3. The other ones are GDDR5.

What i notice about them is the 28.8 GB/s bandwith of the DDR3 vs. the 64 GB/s of the GDDR5. What will this influence on the performance, on the same computer, of the DDR3 vs. GDDR5.

Is the 6670 DDR3 better than, say, a 9500 GT? And what do you think about this project. Big upgrades are out of question and we think are actually quite good for us right now. A lot of people still rock DDR2 setups... All we need is a new GPU. Thoughts?
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  1. go for 7750 is available at your place
  2. GDDR 5 is way better than the GDDR 3.
  3. The GDDR5 is 20% better than the ddr3 version. However, GDDR5 variants cost around £60, whereas ddr3 variants cost £50.

    I'll throw this in, and say that the 6850 is more than 2x better than the GDDR5 6670, and costs £90.[\url]

    TBH, I'd say save up more for 7750s. You'll be much happier.

    This coming from the owner of a ddr3 VTX 6670, by the way.
  4. Well. I didn't say the cards were being bought out of second-hand deals. They're all in great condition with all the package, the original owners are upgrading, and the prices are:

    40€ for the XFX Radeon HD 6670 1GB DDR3
    50€ for the Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 1GB GDDR5
    and another 50€ for the Asus Radeon HD 6670 1GB GDDR5.

    Can someone throw in some benchmarks of the 6670 DDR3 vs. GDDR5 (and if possible, versus the 9500GT)? I'd like to see the main diferences.

    Also answer this: A C2D E7300 + the DDR3 card is going to have the same relative power as the Pentium Dual 1.6 + the GDDR5 one?

    As in, are we going to have (loosely) the same framerate? I've heard of people rocking late-gen Pentium 4's and cards like these and actually being able to play modern titles with FPS rates of 30's and 40's. In fact, with the 5450, the 1.6 guy can actually play most titles (with everything low/very low, shadows off, and either resolutions of 640 or 800, depending.). So is it a fair upgrade?
  5. I'd say it is. I've got a 6670 DDR3 myself. As long as you don't use AA and put the AF past 4x, you can game acceptably at 30, maybe even 40fps when gaming at 720p. Thats with Skyrim, anyway.

    If you get Ati Tray Tools, take out the atiglxx.dll from the 12.2 AMD drivers and plop it in next to the ATT .exe, you can do some pretty major performance tweaks.

    The C2D will be much better than the Pentium Dual Core, even with the GDDR5 card. The Pentium Dual just won't be able to punt out enough info for the card to render at an acceptable rate.

    With my C2D E6700, I was getting around 30fps with quite a bit of stutter in Skyrim. Having upgraded to a 965 BE, my fps doubled at the same settings (They were awfully low, so I turned 'em up, now it's at a stable 40fps with a few graphic mods, and one performance tweak; no shadows) and the stuttering declined to acceptable levels.

    I say go for it, if you REALLY WANT TO UPGRADE NOW. But really, in a week or two, the Christmas sales will begin. You will be able to nab some bargains then. And don't forget Boxing Day sales! My family always splurges on the 26th.
    But I digress.

    Yes it is a good upgrade. No, there are no benchmarks, oddly enough.
    However, I built a compy for a friend using a 6670 GDDR5. Frame-rates are, as I said earlier, 20% better than mine. Where I'd get a steady 40, he'd get a steady 50-60fps. Where I'd get a steady 30, he'd get a steady 40.
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