Poor Performance Crossfire/Eyefinity

Hi! I'm having an issue figuring out my graphics performance.

Alright, so I'm running this:

FX 8350 4.2GHz
ASRock Extreme3 970 Mobo
16GB PNY Optima 1333 (4x4)
2x6850 Crossfired and Eyefinity
Kingston HyperX 3K 256gb SSD
Corsair HX 750

running 4320x900 resolution

Even on just high, im seeing average frame rate at 25 dipping to 10 at times. I know the resolution is wacky, and the cards aren't all that strong, but I'd imagine I could get better than this kind of frame rate with this setup.

Overclocked both cards 830 core/1150 memory. Battlefield 3 on mostly ultra only(AA turned down to 8x) uses around 1700mhz. Is this just because of eyefinity? It's making me consider going to one 24 or 27 inch monitor, but I can't seem to nail a problem down. I thought maybe the mobo doing x16/x4 with crossfire, but from what I've seen the difference is 3-6%. Can anyone nail the issue down?

EDIT: ran heaven benchmark. https://www.box.com/s/7bszsdyllp48xl0pnnsg
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  1. Um, use a normal resolution.
  2. You'll get maximum of 45fps in 2x6850 Highest settings possible at 1920x1080.

    And you are trying 4320x900 !!

    Get a better GPU.
  3. Better GPu's and a lower more normal res :)
  4. You will also stutter like hell on those cards
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