For 1tb harddisk 4gb ram is required

respected sir,
im using window 7 software on my pc. sir i purchased a new 1tb hitachi hard disk it was used on very first day but on very next day i installed the windows xp software on my pc without formatting my window 7 software. my hard disk is working properly i checked with my friend home and it is working but in my CPU only it is not working whether it is require any 4 or more then gb ram or what sir. kindly can u help me and solve this problem please.
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  1. im using window 7 software on my pc
    next i installed the windows xp software on my pc

    Does WinXP work? And Win 7 not work?
    Is that the problem?
  2. I am confused, i don't think a hard drive requires RAM does it?
  3. you don't need any requirement for a hard disk other than support for the interface (ide, sata, sata2 or sata3)

    if you get a sata3 hd and you install it on a sata1 interface, it will works! but at low speed..

    you can install a 2TB HD even when you got just 512mb ram.

    your problem is: first you must install windows xp and then windows 7, not in other way.
  4. I think your WinXP install over-wrote the Win7 bootloader.

    You were trying for a dual boot option with Win7 / WinXP?

    Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

    -> See Option Two: When Windows 7 is Installed First
    Go to Step 8: Run EasyBCD to repair the Win7 Boot Loader
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