SLI or upgrade?

I currently have one GeForce GTX 550Ti 2gb and was thinking of getting another and hook them together in SLI or just buy a 660ti or something. I don't go for high benchmarks or anything my question is which will give me more frames and smooth gameplay and ill also do some 3D design aswell. Thanks for the help guys!!

System specs:
Fx 8150 Eight-core @ 3.6
750w ( newegg says its enough for SLI with two 550 ti)
16gb ram @ 1330
And one GeForce 550ti 2gb
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    i would sell the current gpu you have and upgrade
    sli is nice but the minimum framerate is always low and its always a fight for drivers when a new game comes out and you're not experiencing the best performance, for sli you need a 4ghz+ for the cards to be utilized to the fullest
  2. I'd say upgrade as wel.. I think single GPU's are more reliable than SLI setup, and It's more power efficient.
  3. My CPU is easily OCed over 4 so that isn't a problem but you say I would do better with a 660ti ??
  4. Basicly, yes.
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